What do you have in your background and experience that you bring to the table?

Tell me about how you help the lawyer in the discovery process.

Tell me about re-engineering the opposing experts’ report.

Do all experts re-engineer the opposing experts like you do?

Economic Damages – Types of Consequences

Economic Damages – Most Basic Form

Economic Damages – Failure to Realize Nature of Decay

Economic Damages – Failure to “Break it Down”

Economic Damages – Failure to Acknowledge Picture

Economic Damages – Failure to Conceptualize Picture

Our Expert Analysis + Your Legal Strategies = Client Favorable Outcomes

A Message from David Riley

Although our world is changing, be assured that my team and I continue to effectively assist the legal community and our clients. As national experts, we are well-versed in preparing and providing expert testimony and depositions remotely through virtual conferencing. Our portals continue to allow secure and efficient exchange of documents. We are here to assist you.

David Riley