Personal Damages

Wrongful Death, Personal Injury, Employer / Employee Disputes and Defamation Litigation Support

David Riley and his team of credentialed professionals have been offering the highest quality litigation support services for personal damages, personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits for over 30 years. We can assist throughout all stages of the suit from drafting complaints, motions, assisting in the discovery process, mediation and negotiation, trial preparation, expert testimony, creating interrogatories, and the summarization of depositions.

As a contributing member of your team we are well prepared, responsive and accessible, diligent in research and reviewing documents, and skilled persuasive communicators able to explain complex issues to the litigation team. David Riley and his team have vast knowledge and experience in the area of personal injury law which has allowed them to assist in favorable outcomes for complex, high profile and unique cases of all types.

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Common types of personal injury cases handled by David Riley and his expert team include, but is not limited to:

Damages to the body

  • Wrongful Death – Riley and his team has a track record of assisting counsel throughout the broad range of social economic classes. We are proud to have provided our damage opinions on high profiled cases. We are adept in providing opinions for the lives of younger persons through the lives of older persons.
  • Personal Injury – We are experienced financial expert that provide credible and defensible opinions of economic losses due to an injury.  We effectively and efficiently work with other experts that assists in your client obtaining the best favorable outcome possible.
  • Frequently, wrongful death and personal injury cases result from: work place accidents, motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence (malpractice), products liability, premise liability, slip and fall and nursing home abuse and neglect.

Damages to Wages or Profits (Employer / Employee

  • Riley and his team are skillful in recognizing and assessing the economic circumstances of Employer /Employee related matters.  We have provided opinions concerning entry level employees through high level executives whose compensation includes ownership positions, stock options and other benefits (perquisites).
  • Common Employer /Employee related matters include: wrongful termination, whistle blowing retaliation, reprisal and employment discrimination.

Damages to Reputation

  • Throughout the years, Riley and his team has successfully developed economic and statistical modelling to quantify or rebut damages of defamation cases.  These cases have been individual person parties and/or enterprise commercial parties.

Our Expert Analysis + Your Legal Strategies = Client Favorable Outcomes

A Message from David Riley

Although our world is changing, be assured that my team and I continue to effectively assist the legal community and our clients. As national experts, we are well-versed in preparing and providing expert testimony and depositions remotely through virtual conferencing. Our portals continue to allow secure and efficient exchange of documents. We are here to assist you.

David Riley