Intangible / Business Valuations

Disputes Over the Value of a Business, Business Interests, or Intangible Assets

For over 30 years, David Riley and his team of credentialed professionals have been offering the highest quality business valuation and intangible asset valuation for the purposes of litigation, compliance and consulting. Over 1,000 valuations have withstood the scrutiny of district and federal Courts, the IRS and financial stakeholders of commercial endeavors.  We have been industry thought leaders, instructors of valuation accreditation courses, presenters at national conference and have had a high-profile valuation issue heard in front of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Our valuation analyses are clear, concise, independent and objective.  David Riley and his team has the reputation of presenting their expert conclusions in an understandable manner from the Court room to the board room.

  • Shareholder Disputes, (Oppressed shareholder, Dissenting Shareholders).
  • Marital Dissolution (Divorce).
  • Bankruptcy (From Filing to Emergence: Adequate Protection, Claims Determination, Plan Confirmation, Recovery Actions).
  • Damages to Business Value.
  • Sale of Business Disputes (Failed Business Combinations, Acquisitions or Divestitures, Earn-outs, Intangible Asset Portfolios).
  • Estate Disputes.
  • Other Disputes.
  • Expert Litigation Consulting.
  • Board of Directors Advisory.
  • Intangible Asset Portfolio Management.
  • Transactions (Buying and/or Selling).
  • Exit and Succession Planning.
  • Buy-sell Agreement.
  • ESOPs, Management Buyouts and Profit-Sharing Plans
  • Executive Compensation.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Other Value Based Decisions.
  • Gift and Estate Tax.
  • Purchase Price Allocation (Intangible Assets, Financial Reporting, Impairment).
  • ESOP
  • S Corporation Conversion (Election).
  • IRC Section 409A.
  • Other Compliance Valuations.

Our Expert Analysis + Your Legal Strategies = Client Favorable Outcomes

A Message from David Riley

Although our world is changing, be assured that my team and I continue to effectively assist the legal community and our clients. As national experts, we are well-versed in preparing and providing expert testimony and depositions remotely through virtual conferencing. Our portals continue to allow secure and efficient exchange of documents. We are here to assist you.

David Riley